Affordable, Qualified Mortgage Broker Leads

Sent immediately to your phone, the moment they are generated.
“Strike while the iron is hot”Old Proverb

Action Your Leads Easier & Quicker Than Ever

Quick Picture this: A potential client fills out a form then you instantly receive an SMS text message about it. A lead management app on your phone has already been updated with the new details. Within minutes you're on the phone with them, pitching your services. It's still fresh in their mind and they've been expecting a call.

Flexible Because you are receiving contact details rather than a phone call, you are able to take the message yourself while out on the go. In a meeting? After you receive the lead, just text them that you've got their details and will contact them in minutes as soon as you get the opportunity.

Hot These aren't random people you're calling, bothering them with a sales pitch while they're trying to eat their dinner. They were actively looking for a solution. They searched for service providers on Google or clicked our Facebook ads. Then they filled out a form saying that they *wanted* to be contacted. These leads are hot.

Our Process

Website Magic

Our professional landing pages prompt visitors to enter their contact details so you can call them to talk business.

Traffic & Clicks

Leads come from a mixture of Facebook ads and website traffic. They’re all actively seeking your services.

Smart Filtering

Leads are sorted according to different tags that you choose, so you only receive the leads specifically relevant to you.

Instant Mobile Delivery

The moment a lead is generated, it is sent to your mobile phone. From there you can call them, text them, email them, and save their contact details into your phonebook with ease.

Lead Management System

Leads are automatically populated into a lead management app on your phone and laptop. Update client info on the fly and keep track of all your clients at a glance!

Helpful Training Videos

While our systems are self-explanatory and easy to use, we provide training so you can get started quickly on the right foot. We also teach how to use other useful tools that can improve your business.

You Don’t Have To Burn Money!

A few businesses spend $thousands to rank their websites #1 on Google, and they spend even more on paid traffic on SEM platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook. Everybody else gets virtually no traffic from their website.

We outrank these businesses on Google and get a lot of web traffic, resulting in qualified leads which we can pass on to you. We are essentially a 'digital Robin Hood', taking traffic from the #1 spot on Google and passing on the leads to our clients, who are probably not on Google's front pages.

Why invest in SEO & SEM when you can skip that process and just buy leads?
Forget about rankings. Forget about traffic. Leads are the end goal.

The Team

Lead Gen NZ is run by Brad & Seager Mason, a father and son team from windy Wellington.
Brad does all the geeky website stuff to make sure all those precious leads keep streaming in, Seager takes care of pretty much everything else. Brad is the network guy and Seager is the operations guy.

Brad Mason

SEO Geek

Seager Mason

Savvy Guru

Together, we run a pretty slick show. Got it all sussed mate.

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